Buzz Lightyear

My children attended a birthday party today for a four year old and this was card I made for the birthday boy!  No stamping but lots of punches!  Lets just say this will most likely be a one-off card from me.. about half way through making the card I dropped it and all the yet to be glue downed bits went everywhere!  However, I got there and was very happy with the end result.

I initially followed Ellen Kemper’s instructions for making Buzz but I changed a number of body parts to make him fit on a A5 card size and made do with the punches I owned.  Ellen’s initial design makes Buzz about 18cm (7″) where I made him about 13cm tall (5″).

Cheers Deb


8 thoughts on “Buzz Lightyear

  1. WOW, Deb! That is awesome! We love Toy Story here too, and my boys will love that card when I show them. Well done!

  2. Hi Deb
    I love your blog and would love to share a blog award with you. All you need to do is say 5 things about yourself, and share the award with 5 other bloggers. The award picture is over on my blog if you can pop over and grab it. Thanks for inspiring me, I really do love your creations.

  3. Hello Deb!
    This is sensational! What a fab card … and you must have had so much patience to create it! So glad you persevered … even after the “oops”! Bookmarking this one for sure! Hugs xxaxx

  4. This is wonderful!! I loved Ellen’s, but this one looks at bit easier, and I love that it fits on a regular card. Too Cute!

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