Book Gift Box & Cup

A recent trend with gift giving at the moment is to give your gift in a book gift box.  I loved this idea and was inspired to make my own when I saw some gorgeous gift books both online and in stores.

I decided that with every good book you need a coffee so I also added a decorated coffee cup to go with the book.  The coffee cup can hold a couple of coffee sachets.  The book opens at the top by pulling on the book mark.  Take a closer look from the top:

The front cover also opens so you can write your message on the inside. 

I have also designed the book to give to a Teacher as an end of year gift or thank you present:

Want to learn how to make my Book Gift Box & Decorated Cup?  I am holding a class on Sunday 20 November at 10am.  Cost: $20 and RSVP by 15 November.  You can choose to make either the Nature Walk Set or the Teacher Set.

If you live in Canberra and want to come along to the class then email me

Cheers Deb


6 thoughts on “Book Gift Box & Cup

  1. WOW! Awesome idea! Would love a tutorial on this. Unfortunately I don’t live in Australia. Thank you for your creativity! You are an inspiration!

  2. Amazing!!! I would love to have a turtoial for this project! Your work is just beautiful. If you do a turtoial please email me, would love to purchase it from you! Thanks

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