Gift in a Jar

Jar Present Before Shot by Deb Fearns

What I love about paper craft is what you can create out of a collection of different items..  the picture above is the start of my crafting project…

To give some background… my son recently attended a birthday party that had a Movie theme.  I thought a great gift to go with the party theme was to purchase some movie tickets for the birthday girl.  That was the easy part of the decision… what card was I going to design to go with the gift took more thought.  Obviously, popcorn came to mind and my little crafting project began..

Jar Present Popcorn tag by Deb Fearns

Then something sweet…

Jar Present Lollies by Deb Fearns

The movie tickets..

Jar Present Movie Tickets by Deb Fearns

Jar Present by Deb Fearns

There was no stamping!!  The labels were whipped up quickly in My Digital Studio (MDS).



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