Perfect Blend Thank You

Perfect Blend Thank You by Deb Fearns

I made this quick thank you card today.  Well,  it was quick as the take-away coffee cup come from my scrap pile.  The other week a softball friend (yes – I play softball!) did a coffee run for our team but I had no money!  Today, I wanted to give her money but knew if I had handed it to her she probably wouldn’t take it.  Instead, I taped the money inside this little thank you card.  I don’t think she even noticed the money as she was too taken in by the card.

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!  I am looking forward to spending  a couple of hours in my craft room tomorrow.  I have been too busy lately to craft and I can’t wait to lose myself in my craft room under paper and ribbon.

Cheers Deb





4 thoughts on “Perfect Blend Thank You

  1. Love the stapled twine. Will have to remember that trick when paying back IOUs and include it in a little card. I’ve been missing my craft room too. School holidays will help fix that for me. Are you going to Convention?

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